The Excellence Network of Watch Experts was set up to give interested people on fine mechanical watches a quality signal where to find relevant and in-depth informations on mechanical timepieces. It manifests that the participating websites of the excellence network agree upon the following 4 pillars which focus on and lead to first class quality information on fine watches.

  1. Quality information and expertise in description: The provided articles are approved by experts. The reviews made are based on basic research and first-hand information on brand and products.
  2. Focus on mechanical watches: The product range varies despite each website has its special focus but in its core the focus is clearly on fine mechanical watches.
  3. In-Depth knowledge on watch brands and products: The members of the network have been known as watch experts with a detailed knowledge on particular brands and their products.
  4. Independent editorial publication: All websites commit to independent publication and research.

The network and its participating websites are set up and dedicated to transport the inheritance and culture of fine mechanical watchmaking. The network shows and celebrates the broad variety of watchmaking in the past, today and its future trends.