Profile ( was launched on 1.9.2011 and is a free to view web-site aimed at individuals with a passion for watch collecting, who appreciate “the finer things in life”.
In a society where the perfunctory manufacture of low cost goods is driven by a need to satisfy demands of the mass market, traditional skills and craftsmanship are often overlooked. Moreover, a misconception that the consumer is merely paying a premium for the brand name alone is misplaced in many instances.
The purpose of this website is to help the reader to understand the intricacies of “haute horology” and lead them to appreciate the interface between hand, eye and tools demonstrated by some of the finest watch manufacturers.
In addition, the horological cognoscenti often have a fascination with other luxury items produced with great skill and care including: tailoring, footwear, cars, writing instruments and fine wine.
This website concentrates on other luxury items where skill and tradition are equally evident. The features explain the craftsmanship and subtle differences which substantiate the premium pricing.
The website features original written content often written by Angus Davies who, in a relatively short period of time, has become widely known within the industry. He writes for various websites, publications and watch companies in the UK, mainland Europe and the USA.

ESCAPEMENT.TV was launched on 14.2.2013 to complement the written articles on
This website is designed to provide a platform to view video content provided by watch manufacturers and other providers of luxury goods. Moreover, Escapement has produced original video watch reviews for viewers to enjoy.

Our Values

Content is checked for accuracy with the featured company, unless they request to the contrary.
The rationale is that Escapement features products that appeal to the author, hence a product deemed of little merit will not be featured rather than be negatively described.
Authorised retailers of wristwatches are promoted in our Retailer area free of charge. If a visitor who reads Escapement likes the product reviewed, we want them to purchase it from an authorised retailer. We do not associate with the grey market.
Our income comes from selling banners to watch manufacturers, not retailers. The brand featured has to sit comfortably with our core market i.e. mechanical watches, priced £2000+. In addition we also derive income from writing for websites and magazines
Escapement is specifically targeted at the discerning watch enthusiast and does not feature low-priced timepieces. We do not believe we can be “all things to all men”.
We like to provide a mixture of editorial features embracing both small independent companies as well as larger well-known brands with high public awareness.
We select editorial based on the merit of the product rather than any link to advertising revenue derived.


Angus Davies
Angus Davies worked in the chemical industry, being the co-owner of a chemical company. He divested himself from this concern in 2012. He openly admitted his passion was not for chemicals but haute horology. He has collected wristwatches all of his adult life and his former career in the chemical industry allowed him to indulge his first love, watches. Over the years, Angus has owned many watches and admits to being obsessed with timepieces containing an escapement, hence his chosen name for a new venture established in 2011 sharing this name.
Academically, Angus has various educational and professional qualifications and most notably has a MA in Marketing Management specialising in the brand DNA of luxury car marques. Indeed, it was the similarities between prestigious cars and high-end watches, together with his love of watches which lead to him forming in 2011.
Angus has diverse tastes, liking classical watches with merely two hands, to über- complicated tourbillons and minute repeaters. He also admires modern watches and adores the innovation exampled by some of the independent brands. He confesses to owning a few watches and admits to being passionate about Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Vacheron Constantin and A. Lange & Söhne to name but a few.

Managing Director and primary author of Content
Angus Davies


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