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Frank Geelen
Frank Geelen is an expert on Haute Horlogerie and his horological heart beats faster from beautiful hand-finished mechanical movements. He loves to explain all technical details of complications like tourbillons, minute repeaters, constant force escapements and column-wheel chronographs and he has been doing that for more than seven years. Besides publishing daily here at Monochrome Watches, Frank also writes for several other publications, both online and offline.

Editor in chief
Frank Geelen

Evan Yeung, Contributor
Evan started out with just a simple appreciation on mechanical devices particularly on timepieces. A former consultant turned business school student, his appreciation heightened when he got his first vintage watch courtesy of his first paycheck. Before he knows it, his little appreciation has evolved to become his passion. Scouring the world for timepieces worth owning, may it be from the golden age of horology (vintage) or from the innovations of the watchmakers of today. His desire to share his passion is what drives him to write articles on timepieces of value. His taste for wristwatches may be unorthodox at times, but his principle in selecting remains the same – that is to find a timepiece that is genuinely good.

Mario Squillacioti, Contributor
Mario got his first watch as a gift at age 9. That first watch started a life-long passion for watches, mechanical devices and design oriented consumer products. We look forward to reading his exploits as he experiences the very best the international watchmaking industry has to offer in his home of Shanghai, China.

Max E. Reddick, Contributor
‘Time in Eternity, Eternity in Time’ – Max’s love of watches began as a boy with his attempt to emulate the fictional character, James Bond. With a vivid imagination and a prized Seiko (sorry Omega), the watch fever started albeit through a laughable impersonation. Having left boyish pretensions behind, the new daydreams include pilot watches and nautical watches. Classic Marine Chronometers, Dive Watches, and Nautically Themed Chronographs are first loves. Max’s interest in Reformed Theology, Jungian Psychology and Haute Horology means that Switzerland is an enduring focus.

Robin Nooij, Contributor
Robin lives and works in the Netherlands and has been bitten by the watch-bug. Robin finds something appealing in every watch and he has a preference for some of the less usual models and brands.


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